Top Things to Know About iPage Web Hosting

If you are looking for a web host and have a very nominal budget, iPage web hosting could be the right service for you. 

Subscribers can lock into their most basic plan for as low as $1 per month.  Before signing up, however, it is important to determine whether you can still get great value with prices this low.


The Good Deals Are Nearly Unlimited


In addition to offering plans as low as $1 per month, iPage also comes with a $500 account credit for all new subscribers.  This credit can be used to obtain free domain names, cash in on up to $100 in Google advertising, obtain high-level security software that is valued at $100, get a $50 bonus on Facebook ads and a $25 bonus on Ping and Yahoo ads.  There are also regular promotional offers that come in addition to these bonuses and thus, there are constant ways to save money on hosting.


Access Site-Building Resources For Free


iPage subscribers can host unlimited domains with this services and they also have access to a number of helpful tools for building their websites.  These make the process of building a new site from the ground up both easy and hassle-free.  It rarely takes more than a few hours to get a basic, functional site up and running when working with this hosting service.


Three Ways for You to Connect


Another benefit of using iPage web hosting services is the fact that you'll have continual access to their live customer service team.  Best of all, you can choose from one of three ways to connect with this company when experiencing problems or in need of quick answers.  You can submit a service inquiry by email which will be tracked by the provider and responded to in a matter of hours.  You can also take advantage of their live chat support platform or simply call in.  Given the extremely reasonable pricing scheme that this provider maintains, having access to such an optimal level of support is surprising.


Take Advantage of a Free Online Store and Shopping Cart


If you are setting up a site for the purpose of selling services or goods, you can get a lot of the technical site features that you need without having to pay any extra cash.  This makes it easy to set up an appealing online store, even if you lack coding skills.  This company also guarantees 99.9% server uptime.


The Drawbacks


Although iPage has some of the lowest prices in all of the hosting industry, it does not have cPanel.  Given that they have their own panel interface, switching over to this one could prove to be a time-consuming and frustrating endeavor.  It is also important to note that this provider is one of many companies that promise 99.9% uptime but may not be able to deliver.  According to numerous online reviews, iPage subscribers experience downtime as frequently as once per week.


There are other factors to consider before signing up.   Unlike major hosting companies, there are few security features to protect your site when using this service.  Moreover, even though the company offers you a free domain all throughout your first year of service, you will wind up paying a considerable amount of money to maintain this same domain once your first year of service ends.  Thus, over the long-term, there are a few hidden costs t account for.  All in all, however, if you're trying to keep your overhead low and only need a basic site, this company offers a number of pretty reasonable deals.