A2 Hosting Review

Today’s web hosting market is dominated by many providers. All these providers strive to give good quality service in competitive price packages. While many providers fail to satisfy their customers, only a few stay true to their high claims. A2 Hosting is among this category of web hosting service providers. A2’s USP is its fast performance which keeps your website up almost always. Your websites also respond well, and take very less buffering time. They have an exclusive platform for their web hosting services. They call the platform ‘SwiftServer platform’. This firm base renders high quality and high speed hosting services.


A2 Hosting Packages

A2 primarily has three types of web hosting packages, each of which is priced in increasing order. The higher the price, the better the service is. Even the performance and speed of the website increases as the price goes up. Click for more info.


Here are the packages and their details.


     Lite– This is the most basic package on A2. You can opt this for your small blog or informational websites. It comes with Solid State Drive Speed Boost feature. You get unlimited RAID-10 storage and unlimited transfers. Your email id number is restricted to 25 and you can have a single domain run on this web hosting package. The package supports green-hosting mechanisms and interestingly gives you third party verified reviews. You also get to have 5 domains and 25 parked domains. All the developer related options are available in this package, so that you can fully customize your usage. The number of databases you can have is 5. Additionally, you get 60 day trial of email marketing for your business.

     Swift– This is the next level package. It is a great option if you want more number of domains running on same web hosting package. The storage and performance options are also much better compared to the Lite package. In this package, in addition to the features Lite package renders, you get, unlimited storage, transfer and email ids. You also get unlimited web domains. You will be given space for unlimited databases, with physical memory being 1024MB and virtual memory being 8GB. This package gives you unlimited domains, sub domains, parked domains, and add-on domains. You can have free DNS management and complete control over the developer related features.

     Turbo – This is the highest level of package in A2. You get all the features and the best performance. The storage range is also higher in this package. In addition to the features that the Swift package gives, you get the special 2X faster hosting with the Turbo server. This enhances the performance of your website to a significant extent. If you own a big business or an online dependent business, this is the package you should opt for. It helps you build a good repute since there is hardly any downtime and your customers will get highly responsive website experience. You also get swift Cache which is a pre-configured website accelerator which supports faster database query and fetches search results in a faster pace. With Turbo package, you get Railgun optimizer which loads the HTML code 143% times faster than the normal range. These special features make the Turbo package elite and performance oriented.


Other hosting services

Other than the web hosting services, A2 offers a decent range of other hosting services. Here is a list of those services and their features.


     Reseller Hosting – When you want to have your own hosting business, you can make use of this option. Since the A2 Hosting is known for its constant uptime and performance, you can resell their hosting services to your own client network. You have three packages to pick from – Deliver, Achiever, and Endeavor. Deliver being the most basic package and Endeavor being the highest level package.

     VPS Hosting – If you want virtual private server hosting, A2 offers high performance options for you. Its VPS hosting is cloud based which adds on to the speed and availability of the servers. There are two packages namely, Dynamic and Cloud. Cloud VPS hosting has better scalability, customization and availability. Additionally, you can pay only as much as you use in the Cloud package.

     Managed VPS hosting – When you want the feel of a dedicated server but still have good control over its management, then managed VPS hosting is for you. There are 3 A2 packages that are available – Power+, Prestige+ and Pinnacle+. All of the packages have the access to cPanel using which you can control the entire set of operations. You also get the Turbo VPS boost which takes the performance to the next level. You also get e-commerce features which add on flexibility and security to your hosting scheme.

     Dedicated Hosting – If you are sure that you need dedicated server for your business, then A2 offers the dedicated hosting service for you. There are two options you can choose from here – Flex dedicated server and Managed dedicated server. If you are developer and well versed in using command line, then Flex Dedicated server is the best option for you. On the other hand if you want a user friendly management, then Managed Dedicated Server is for you. In this option you get already configured server and all-inclusive server management tools, powered by HostGuard.


General Features of A2 Hosting

Key features that are generally provided by A2 Hosting are,

     Because of the special supportive tools A2 uses, the websites get 99.9% uptime for sure.

     Since reckless hosting can put environment at risk, A2 makes use of Green hosting technique that it calls FutureServe. This entails steps and procedures that save energy, power and minimize the pollutants released.

     If you are not happy with the service, you can avail the 30 day money back policy

     The SwiftServers tool adds on significantly to the positive qualities of hosting. The performance and response time is enhanced to a great extent.


Irrespective of what package you choose, you will experience the above mentioned features in A2 Hosting services.